1987 BMW E30 318i to M60B40 V8 Conversion Coupe

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BMW E30 318i to M60B40 V8 Conversion Coupe - Picture 1 of 7

Unfortunately due to having too many projects on the go I’m selling my 4.0 V8 converted E30.

Spec can be found below;

M60B40 with 5 speed gearbox (originally out of an e32 740i)

E46 328i brakes (front only)

irp 5 stud conversion kit (front only)

BC Racing coilovers (front only)

E36 318i compact rear conversion with TA Technix coilovers

Diff is a 3.23 ratio 188mm LSD

Purple tag steering rack

Style 32 16 inch wheels

2.25 inch exhaust with E30 aftermarket middle section and back box

Lightened flywheel

Interior front seats are out of an f20 1 series which are a direct fit (no mods they bolt straight in).

Shell is on ~118k, I’ll update the ad with the engine mileage when I get the exact figure.

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Post expires: 23-12-2022